Toshiba Satellite P500 CPU Cooling Fan

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-> This is a brand new Toshiba Satellite P500 CPU Cooling Fan.
-> We have carefully tested this item before shipment and guaranteed to work 100%.
-> The CPU fan protects your valuable data by keeping your CPU cool.
-> Equivalent Replacement CPU fan, Low thermal noise and can help reduce heat.
-> High quality of material, which makes this CPU Fan Heatsink popular in the market.
-> Voltage: DC 5V
-> With 30-days money-back guarantee and six months warranty.
-> Compatible with: Toshiba Satellite P500 laptop.
-> Package Contents: 1 x Toshiba Satellite P500 CPU Cooling Fan.

If you are looking to buy in bulk or looking for a long term part supplier, please contact us, we will offer you a favorable low price.
* Note: One piece New Laptop Cooling Fan for Toshiba Satellite P500 Laptop without heatsink.


How to replace Toshiba Satellite P500 CPU Cooling Fan?
The function of the Toshiba Satellite P500 CPU Cooling Fan is break up the heat emitted out from the laptop inside. If CPU fan break down, the temperature of the laptop will rise and make the laptop crashed or blue screen. If there is problem of Toshiba Satellite P500 laptop, you should replace new CPU fan as soon as possible, you can buy it from our store.
The following is simple introduction of replace Toshiba Satellite P500 CPU Cooling Fan method (please refer to your laptop operation instruction and installation guide), before the installation you must prepare new Toshiba Satellite P500 CPU Cooling Fan and screwdriver, soft brush tool, etc.
1. Turn off you Toshiba Satellite P500 laptop, disconnect the power converter and remove the battery.
2. Unload all the screws at the bottom of your Toshiba Satellite P500 laptop fuselage, classify the unload screws.
3. Turn over your Toshiba Satellite P500 laptop, open the screen, then we can see the keyboard need to be removed. Pressing the keyboard with two hands, and then push the keyboard forward, now we can see the revealing gaps at the bottom of the keyboard, we can use slot type screwdriver warped up gently, so that we can open the whole keyboard. Open the keyboard gently,you can see the cable port under the keyboard plugged into the motherboard on the corresponding interface. Gently pulled the cable port out from the motherboard, so that Toshiba Satellite P500 keyboard can be removed completely.
4. After open the Toshiba Satellite P500 keyboard, you can see the Toshiba Satellite P500 CPU Cooling Fan. To remove the old fan, you also need to unload the palm rest. It is a little difficult to unload the palm rest, need to demount the screws of the fuselage, after demount the screws of the palm rest, then demount the screws fix the palm rest at the bottom of the fuselage, now you can demount the palm rest.
5. We can see the screws of the fan clearly,demount the set screws,unplug the power line of the fan from the motherboard power port, the old Toshiba Satellite P500 CPU Cooling Fan can be completely discharged.
6. After discharged the old CPU fan, you can use hair dryer or soft brush to clean the dust all around the Toshiba Satellite P500 laptop CPU heat sink.
7. Install the new Toshiba Satellite P500 CPU Cooling Fan, and tighten the set screws at the same time. And then install the palm rest and keyboard back to the laptop. Open the laptop, and the fan can operate quietly. Congratulations, it was successfully been replaced.